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Emotional Release &
Energetic Brain Balancing 

Featuring the AO Mobile Scanner by Solex & The Emotion Code

Rock Balancing

Three Session Package
Sale $149 


Three 1/2 hour sessions with Denise on Zoom while she utilizes muscle testing to join you, the associate, on your healing journey. The 7 years of experience she has as a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, along with learning other methods to create balance in energy, have inspired her to create her own energetic emotional release technique. In these sessions Denise will release emotional energy and provide a balancing of the subconscious mind with the conscious mind. She calls it an energetic brain balance. A balanced brain could create an environment for healing and promote peace in your mind. 

The Inner-Voice scan by the AO Scanner provides you with a custom playlist of audio

frequencies to restore energetic emotional balance to the body. When we are emotionally balanced we could find it easier to stay peaceful within the storms that arise in everyday living.  


A 10 second voice recording of you during the live session will provide you with this inner-voice scan report. You will receive an email directly from AO Scan Technologies with helpful information about the energetic scan findings of your emotional body along with balancing audio files. These further enhance your emotional well-being by providing balance between our live sessions.

These sessions are available in-person at the Shoreview office location

(Mondays and Wednesdays by calling 651-483-9800) or book online for zoom only sessions.

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