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A Joy Filled Life Is Within Reach

 Virtual or In-Person Sessions with Denise Schneider

We all struggle with behaviors and thought patterns that keep us from attaining our goals. Come see how Denise can help you be the person you know you can be!

"I had been struggling with re-occurring cavities on my teeth for many years.  No matter how often I brushed or flossed I was still getting constant cavities.  I was referred to Denise to see if she would be able to help correct any imbalances and help my teeth.  I met with her and I instantly felt at peace and knew she had the expertise to help me through this.  She tested me using the Bio Scan meridian and was able to help me identify the cause for my cavities.  She then helped clear those imbalances and gave me a remedy to take home.  I have now been cavity free for over 2 years!  I enjoy going to the dentist now." -Nina

"Denise at Tooth2ToeWellness has been instrumental in my healing journey! I have been able to heal my liver, gallbladder, adrenals and so many other areas of my body. She is a great teacher and advocate for natural healing. Most of all Denise has given me the tools to live healthier!" -Stephanie 

 "I KNOW I am called to do this. I knew it the moment I left your first class.  It's been a wild ride since, but absolutely incredible!  So thank you for doing what the Lord called you to do, because I don't know if I'd be here if you hadn't!    Really hoping to have my business launched in the next couple weeks." -Beth

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